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Hi there! I am a web developer who started my journey back in 2010 and shifted into full-time freelancing in 2015. This isn't just about a profession, it's a story of adaptation and continuous exploration.

Over the past eight years, platforms like Upwork and various other methods have been my allies in finding projects. I've dipped my toes into numerous ventures, made my fair share of mistakes, and most importantly, learned from each one.

However, I want to clarify something - this blog isn't here to merely glorify freelancing or present it as an easy career choice. In fact, my purpose is to give you a real picture, warts and all. Freelancing can be a challenging field, full of hurdles and unexpected turns. But at the same time, it's a thrilling journey, packed with opportunities and learning curves.

In this space, I'll be sharing my own experiences, thoughts, and discoveries, taking you along on my freelance adventure. You'll get an inside look at what it's truly like to be a freelancer - the good, the bad, and everything in between. It's about learning from past mistakes, personal growth, and building on past experiences.

My aim is to offer you the insights, lessons, and tips that I've gathered over the years. This is your chance to learn from my journey and, hopefully, to help you navigate your own path in the freelance world.

So, buckle up for an honest, enlightening, and informative exploration of freelance web development. Stay tuned for more tales about the real-world challenges and delights that come with being a freelancer, straight from someone who's been living it. Welcome to a space where the digital world meets reality, and honesty is the norm. Welcome to my blog.

P.S. you can add me to your network on Upwork or LinkedIn. I will be happy to connect.

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