The Upwork Pitfall: My Costliest Mistake As A Frilancer

In 2016 I was an active Upwork contributor. I had a Rising Talent status, and, one day, Upwork’s hidden algorithms decided that I was worthy of promotion. This promotion led to an influx of invitations to interview - approximately four per day. This significant recognition resulted in a remarkable opportunity, a grand project worth $17,000. The project aimed to develop an online auction platform for real estate sales in Australia, a challenge I accepted with full-time dedication.

However, as I dove headfirst into the project, the invitations to interview continued to flood. Some were promising, others not as much, but they kept arriving consistently. Being a novice in the freelance world, I was oblivious to the golden rule of freelancing - the necessity to continually seek out clients, a topic I have delved into in this article.

In this state of ignorance, I committed my gravest mistake - I set my profile visibility to private. I was hoping to focus on the project at hand and minimize distractions. However, this decision had significant repercussions. Post reinstating my profile to public, the number of interview invitations dwindled. I was unable to replicate the flood of offers I initially received as a rising talent.

Despite gaining the Top Rated and Top Rated Plus statuses, and currently holding the Expert-Vetted status, the flow of invitations was never the same. The most significant influx of interview invites came during my tenure as a Rising Talent. This experience taught me the stark reality that altering profile visibility to private could lead to your profile vanishing from search and recommendations. Reverting it to the former prominence may even be impossible.

In conclusion, this serves as a cautionary tale for fellow freelancers. In your pursuit to manage your workload, don’t commit the mistake I made by making your profile visibility private. The cost is high, and the damage might be irreversible.

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